Bartering is new to me.  I mainly got talked into this by an unwed mother who was struggling to make ends meet.  She not only convinced me to lower my price, but convinced me to accept some DVD's and stuff.  So I posted an ad in Craig's List.  The title was "Delivery and Transportation services for ???".  In the body of the ad I just explained my service and left the ??? open.  Everyone just kept offering me junky furniture.  I almost never got any offers for something good.  In all fairness though, I did get a glass tabletop and a ceiling fan.  So I almost gave up on the whole idea of delivering for trade.  But then the same girl that got me started with bartering (she's a friend now), gave me this idea: to make a list of things I might like.  So we started to work on this list.  This list is by no means exhaustive.  I put ??? on the ad so customers can use their imagination and offer something that might just catch my interest and I might not be aware of.  If whatever you have doesn't peak my interest, then just pick and choose from the lists below.  If you have any of these items.  So, let me just say: "There's more value to something that might peak my interest."

So I leave it up to you, if you think you have something to offer a guy then feel free to run it by me.  I'm quite open to a lot of things.